Become a Wyld Witch!

Are you ready to honor your own sacred path? And get BIG discounts for anything else you may need to explore your own path?

  • Included: All 4 monthly live Subscriptions at the Wyld Community

    $40/month Value

    This bundle includes membership in all 4 subscriptions we offer! They are - (1) A Year and a day (meet twice live every month), (2) Monthly Ceremonies (meet once a month for a live ceremony), (3) Witches Roundtable (meet once a month for both support and Ceremony) and (4) Everyday Cartomancy (access dozens of card spreads, participate in monthly challenges and meet once a month to deepen your knowledge of Cartomancy)!

  • Included: Basics of Meditation Class

    $65 Value

    This class gets you started in your meditation practice. Then, begin at your own pace! This includes lifetime access to video lessons and several meditations you can repeatedly use as a guidepost in your practice!

  • Bonus: Discounts on Classes and Guidance

    $50 - $650 Value

    When you begin your journey to become a Wyld Witch you will receive an AMAZING 50% off ANY class you take in the Academy (yes, even the big ones!). You will also receive 30% off any one on one session or service with Lady Raven, The Wyld Witch!

Become a Wyld Witch FAQ

  • Do I get really 50% off ANY class or package?

    Yes you do! Just message us in the Wyld Community for your monthly code for registration. You can register for as many webinar classes you want and 1 live course per month!

  • How do I get my discount with Lady Raven for private sessions?

    Just book your session at In the notes for your booking, just add that you are a Wyld Witch and your discount will automatically be applied at the end of your session!

  • Where do I access my Subscriptions and Live events?

    Once you register, you will receive an email with a link that will automatically enroll you into the 4 subscriptions listed above in the Wyld Community. Once you click the link, you will be automatically enrolled!

  • Where do I access the Meditation Webinar?

    You will access the webinar here at the Wyld Academy. Just click on your Student Dashboard at the top of the page, and you will see the webinar under "My Courses"

  • What if I forget to ask the code before I register? Can I get the discount retroactive?

    No. Unfortunately, we have no way to apply the discount retroactively. Please be sure to ask for the code BEFORE you register so you can get your discount! The code changes every month!