The Energetic Geology of Crystals

This 12-month course takes a deep dive into how energy is deposited into crystals and how you can extract it and use it to improve your life! Understanding the energy of crystals requires you to understand the basic science of how they are made and how to work with their spirit. Crystals are excellent tools as they offer elemental and spiritual energy for your work.

This class will have a combination of pre-recorded lessons and one-on-one Zoom Q&A sessions. It will cover all aspects of crystal formations and how that translates into energies we can use. It will also teach you to enter into a relationship with crystals to ensure the best possible outcome in your work. We will also discuss how human interference by crystal treatments affects the energy of each crystal.

If you are a crystal addict - this class is perfect for you!

Topics Covered

  • Section 1: First Things First! Class Overview
  • Section 2: Animism & Relationship
  • Section 3: The Basics - Understanding Fundamentals of Earth Science
  • Section 4: Sacred Geometry
  • Section 5: Mineral Properties
  • Section 6: Igneous Rocks
  • Section 7: Sedimentary Rocks
  • Section 8: Metamorphic Rocks
  • Section 9: The Story of Rocks
  • Section 10: The things we do: Irradiating, Bleaching & Heat Treatments
  • Section 11: The things we do: Dying, Bonding & Man-Made Minerals
  • Section 12: Student Presentation

This is an in-depth class.   This class requires that you understand the four elements and what their energies correspond to. This will not be covered in the course. You can either research on your own or complete our "Connecting with Correspondences" class. 


You can join this course at any time - you will have the option after each lesson to have a one-on-one session with your teacher to go over any questions you may have over Zoom.

If you have questions about this class, please message Lady Raven at!

Materials Needed For this class

Not Included in Tuition Costs

You will need a few crystals to work with for this class.  Chances are you have these already.  Be sure to set them aside for use in this class only.  We are using natural crystals ONLY! (no tumbled)

We are breaking them down into easy-to-find names so that when we refer to them as crystals from your <...> group, you will know what they are.  Please choose 2 of each and 1 complex specimen:

  1. Metamorphic Rocks:  Aquamarine, Blue Apatite, Green Aventurine, Tiger's Eye, Amethyst, Red Garnet, Kyanite,  Lapis, Fuchsite, Tourmaline, Dravite, Serpentine, Granite, Marble, Mica, Staurolite (Fairy Cross)

  2. Igneous Rocks: Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Fluorite, Black Obsidian, Indigo Gabbro, Larvikite, Labradorite, Yellow Citrine, Yellow Topaz, Kunzite, Nephrite, Amazonite, Moonstone, Sodalite, Sunstone

  3. Sedimentary Rocks: Carnelian, Agate, Selenite, Pyrite, Calcite, Howlite, Septarian, Chrysoprase, Sardonyx, Charoite, Red Jasper, Black Jasper, petrified wood, all fossils, Hematite, Opal, Malachite

  4. Fossils: Ammonite, Orthoceras, Petrified wood, Jet, Kambaba Stone, Mookaite, Stromatolite, Amber, bivalves, brachiopods 

  5. One Complex crystal specimen - a crystal that generally has more than one stone in it. 

Course curriculum

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    3. Required Crystals for the Course

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    1. Section 1: First Things First

    2. Lesson 1: First Things First

    3. L1.1: Smoke Cleansing your Crystal

    4. L1.2: Guided Meditation: Connecting with your Crystal

    5. L1HW1: Recommended Activities

    6. Section 1: Q&A Session

    1. Section 2: Crystal Relationships

    2. Lesson 2: Crystal Relationships

    3. L2.1: What is Animism

    4. L2.2: Four Ways to Live Animism everyday!

    5. L2HW1: Journal Prompts for this lesson

    6. L2HW2: Recommended Activities

    7. Section 2: Q&A Session

    1. Section 3: Earth Sciences, The Basics

    2. Lesson 3: Earth Science

    3. L3.1: How Science and the Metaphysical Mix

    4. L3.2: Plate Boundaries

    5. L3.3: The Rock Cycle Overview

    6. L3.4: Plate Tectonics Basics

    7. L3.5: Plate Boundaries

    8. L3.6: Subduction Zones

    9. L3.7: Heat Transfer

    10. L3.8: Heat Transfer: Conduction, Convection & Radiation

    11. L3.9 : The Color Spectrum

    12. L3.10: Light and Color

    13. L3.11: Crystal Examples

    14. L3.12: Manifestation with Vibration

    15. L3HW1- Trade Names

    16. L3HW2- My Crystals

    17. Section 3: Q&A Session

    1. Section 4 - Sacred Geometry

    2. Lesson 4: Sacred Geometry

    3. Helpful links for this lesson

    4. L4.1: Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land

    5. L4.2: The Golden Ratio

    6. L4.3: Reality and Sacred Geometry

    7. L4.4: The 7 Spiritual Meanings of Platonic Solids

    8. L4.5: Atomic Bonding and Crystal Systems

    9. L4.6: Types of Atomic Bonding

    10. L4.7: Crystal Structure

    11. L4.8: Crystal Habits

    12. L4.9: Common Crystal Habits

    13. L4.10: Crystal Examples

    14. L4HW1: Recommended Activities

    15. Section 4: Q&A Session

    1. Section 5 - Minerals

    2. Lesson 5: Minerals & Luster

    3. Helpful Links for this Lesson

    4. L5.1: Intro to Minerals

    5. L5.2: Identifying Minerals

    6. L5.3: Mohs Hardness Scale, Cleavage & Fracture

    7. L5.4: Mohs Hardness Scale

    8. L5.5 Cleavage and Fracture

    9. L5.6: Identifying Minerals

    10. L5.7: Identifying Minerals 2

    11. L5.8: Other Properties

    12. L5.9: What is Quartz?

    13. L5.10: Crystal Examples

    14. L5HW1: Recommended Activities

    15. L5HW3: Mineral Identification Challenge!

    16. L5HW2: The Modern Scholar

    17. Section 5: Q&A Session

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