About Living by the Moon

This is a companion module to the Wyld Community Membership that houses all our Living by the Moon Reference material and Monthly meeting information! Change your life by Living by the Moon!

Modules Included in this Grimoire

Plus all materials from live Sessions will also be recorded and saved, so you can do them on your own time!

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    2. Attending A Ceremony or Webinar

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    1. Your Monthly Guide for Living by the Moon

    2. The Flower Moon

    3. The Strawberry Moon

    1. The Master Wheel

    2. Living By the Moon Reference

    3. Astrology Basics

    4. Planets in Each Sign - Aries to Scorpio

    5. Planets (Sagittarius thru Pisces) and Descendants

    6. Candle Magick Reference Guide

    7. The Elements Reference Guide

    1. Program Introduction

    2. The Strawberry Moon - June 2024

    3. The Strawberry Moon - June 2024

    4. The Flower Moon Video - May 2024

    5. The Flower Moon - May 2024

    6. The Pink Moon - April 2024

    7. The Pink Moon Video (April 2024)

    8. The Worm Moon 2024 (March)

    9. The Worm Moon Video (March)

    10. February 2024

About this course

  • 24 lessons
  • Complete Living by the Moon Guide
  • 1 Live Meeting every month
  • Monthly Moon Forecast

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