About our Monthly Ceremony Offerings

This group is for participation in our monthly ceremony, which will work with the energies available to us each month.  These ceremonies will focus on personal growth, self-care, spiritual and psychic development, and more!


Curious to know which ceremony we are doing this month? Check the events in our network here before you sign up!

You must be 18+ to participate!

Membership Options

If you wish to join just for one month, you can sign up and then cancel your membership immediately after the event.

Other Membership Options

Join our Wyld Witch program for $30/month, which includes our meditation webinar ($65 value),  a membership to our Year and a Day group, The Witches Roundtable, Everyday Cartomancy, Monthly Ceremonies, 50% off tuition for any of our courses, and 30% off any personal one-on-one session with Raven, The Wyld Witch!

All Subscriptions materials and events can be accessed at the Wyld Community! You will receive a link to access these groups once your subscription is in place!