About Wyld Community Divination

This is a companion module to joining the Wyld Community.  Once you join, you will have access to not just all of our community benefits but dozens of different spreads, learning videos, tutorials, and so much more! New teachings are released every other month, monthly new spreads for you to try as well as monthly live practice sessions.

Course curriculum

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    2. How to use this classroom

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    4. Join us at the Wyld Community!

    1. Tarot Suits and Elements

    2. Numbers of Tarot

    3. Exploring Cups

    4. Exploring Pentacles

    5. Exploring Wands

    6. Exploring Swords

    1. Cards as Ancestral Tools

    2. Working with Deck Themes

    3. Tarot Symbolism: Chairs, Tables and Columns

    4. Tarot Symbolism: Animal Symbolism in Cards

    5. Reading Life Changes and Transitions

    6. Creating Spreads for Balance

    7. Relationship Spread

    8. Reading Reversals

    1. Starting Shadow Work Spread

    2. Lessons Learned Mercury Retrograde Spread

    3. The Mabon Decision-Making Spread

    4. First Harvest Manifestation Spread

    5. Divine Masculine Balance Spread

    6. Say Yes to Abundance Spread

    7. Chiron the Wounded Healer Spread

    1. Basic Spreads

    2. Deck Interview Spreads

    1. Ancestral Spreads

    2. Decision Making Spreads

    3. Money and Abundance Spreads

    4. Past Lives Spreads

    5. Relationship Spreads

    6. Self-Discovery Spreads

    7. Self-Love Spreads

    8. Lion's Gate Spreads

About this course

  • 70 lessons
  • Over 30 hours of Video Lessons
  • 1 Live event Every Month
  • 1 Live Teaching Every Other Month/ New Spreads every month!

How to Join

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