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This is a companion module to the Wyld Community Membership that houses all of our reference material, including our Grimoire, previous lessons, videos, and current Live events login information.

Modules Included in this Grimoire

Plus all materials from live Lessons will also be recorded and saved, so you can do them on your own time!

    1. How to use this classroom

    2. Attending A Ceremony or Webinar

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    1. Planets in the Signs

    2. Energies of May 2024

    1. Event Login Links

    1. Energies of April 2024

    2. Energies of March 2024

    3. Energies of January 2024

    4. Energies of December 2023

    5. Energies of November 2023

    6. Energies of October 2023

    7. Energies of September 2023

    1. Honoring your Ancestors

    2. Ancestral Veneration

    1. The Royal Stars

    2. Ceremony: Lessons from Mercury Retrograde

    3. Ceremony: Retrograde Guidance

    4. The Magick of Uranus and Saturn

    5. Let's Dive into Mars Retrograde

    6. Sagittarius Season Spellcasting

    7. The upside of the Retrograde

    8. Fomalhaut: Watchtower of the North

    9. The Pluto Cycle

    10. Working with Chiron Energy

    11. Planets and Signs in Magick

    12. The Lion's Gate Portal

    13. The Witchy side of Uranus Retrograde

    14. Working with Lunar Nodes in Spellcasting

    15. Aries Season

    16. Taurus Season

    17. Leo Season

    18. Virgo Season

    19. Sagittarius Season

    20. Pisces Season

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