What You will Learn in this Class

This is a fun workshop that will teach the basics of candle magick! Candles can be a wonderful medium for giving thanks as well as for light healing of all kinds.

This class is broken down into 4 webinar videos:

Video 1 - Intent

  • How does candle Magick work?
  • How to focus your intent to get the most out of candle work.
  • How to focus your willpower
  • Ethical considerations

Video 2 - Creating Candle Rituals

  • Types of Candles, and why burning times are important!
  • How to charge your candles
  • The pros and cons of working with pre-charged candles and Deity candles.
  • How to add crystals, herbs and more to your candle ritual
  • How to use a Candle Ritual Template to create your own Ceremony.

Video 3 - Advanced Candle Work

  • Reversal and Return to Sender candle work.
  • Working with multiple candles for your Ceremony.
  • How to create 3 and 7 day candle Ceremonies to increase your power.
  • How to work with 7-day Jar candles
  • How to dress and charge 7-day candles

Video 3 - Reading Jar Candles

  • How to read Candle glass once your candle is done burning
  • What can the candle flame tell you about the work you are doing.
  • How to understand messages from spirit once your ritual is complete!

Each student will have unlimited access to this class as well as access to any future updates to this class! Students will also receive access to the Wyld Community to meet other practitioners and ask questions!