Topics Covered in This Class

Join Lady Raven for an exploration of Sacred Space.  In this class we will cover how you can create a space for your personal or spiritual time.  

  • What is Sacred Space?
  • Creating a Working altar or personal space.
  • Creating a Meditation/Creative Space
  • Creating an Encounter Altar
  • Understanding differences between an encounter space and a working space.
  • Creating Ancestor Altars
  • Creating a Lara Shrine (home protection space)
  • Understanding the function and responsibilities of maintaining a sacred space.
  • Working with Temporary Sacred Space
  • Template: How to create an Ancestor Altar
  • Temple: How to create a general altar
  • BONUS: Guided Meditation: Creating your Sacred Astral Space
  • BONUS: Creating ceremony specific Altars/Sacred Space

You will have unlimited lifetime access to this course!

Course curriculum

    1. Creating Sacred Space Presentation and Course Overview

    2. Creating Sacred Space Course Presentation Download

    3. Sacred Space Part 1: Personal Altars

    4. Sacred Space Part 2: Ancestor and Encounter Altars

    5. Sacred Space Part 3: Lara Shrines and Angelic Altars

    1. Bonus: Temporary Altars and Using Altar Decks

    2. Bonus: Special Ceremony Altars

    3. BONUS: Creating Astral Sacred Space Guided Meditation

    1. Template: Creating an Ancestor Altar

    2. Template: Creating a Home Altar

    3. Altar Cleansing and Dedication

    1. Helpful Articles for creating Sacred Space

About this course

  • 14 lessons
  • Over 2 Hours of video
  • Step-by-step Guides
  • Lifetime Access

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Meet your instructor!

Raven Runyan

The Wyld Witch

Lady Raven (White Thunder Bear) is a Witch and Third Degree High Priestess, Spiritual Herbalist, Vodouisant, and Modern Day Medicine Woman. She is the HPS of the Coven of the Wyld Moon and co-founder of the Wyld Path Tradition in witchcraft. In 2006 she launched her brand of spiritual herbal products called Raven Moonlight Botanicals, which grew so quickly that in 2013 she opened a retail brick and mortar store in Rock Hill, SC (Raven Moon Emporium) to better support her customers and students. In 2020 she became an Otter Dance Practitioner. She has been practicing Witchcraft for over 20 years and has had training in Shamanic practices, Haitian Vodou, and Reiki. She has been teaching since 2007, and it is always her first love. Her goal is to help each person to grow in their unique and individual spiritual path and find peace, harmony, and fulfillment in life!