What happens at a Women's Circle?

This is a monthly event hosted by Lady Raven and Lady Wyntyr.  Women's circles have been used through the ages as a way for women to come together and empower each other!  This virtual circle takes places place the first wednesday of every month.  The event starts at 8PM and generally runs for about 90 minutes so that everyone can have a chance to participate.

This is not a class - this is a circle of support for women by women!  There is also a social media group open to all women who participate in this group.  Once you sign up you will have access the group as well as 

What happens at a Women's Circle?

- Sacred Spaced is called to create a positive sharing space.

- Each participant will have an opportunity to speak and share anything they wish to share in the circle.  

- Each participant who shares has the option to accept feedback from the rest of the circle or not.  Sometimes with difficult issues you are struggling with, you just need to be heard and advice or feedback is not needed, and we will honor each participants request. 

- This can be a powerful experience for women to connect with others, to feel supported, to have a space to release feelings and fears and to become empowered.

With the world getting busier and crazier everyday, many women, who are caretakers, moms, friends, daughters, teachers, partners, professionals and more, can sometimes feel alone and extremely burdened.  In this circle we strive to provide support, a shoulder to lean on, an ear to listen and a feeling of belonging! Join us!

This circle is for women only! Must be 18+ to participate!